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Natural Outdoor Play

Did you know that according to a 2018 study by Jantje Beton, only 14% of children play outside every day? And 15% of the children in this study in the Netherlands don’t play outside at all!

But why is outdoor play so important?

  1. Physical activity is beneficial for both body and mind. It helps prevent illness, improves concentration, and enhances academic performance.
  2. Children need outdoor play for developing their motor skills, such as learning how to climb a tree and discovering their physical capabilities.
  3. Outdoor play stimulates imaginative play. In nature, games are not predetermined, allowing children to create their own rules and use their imagination.
  4. Through outdoor play, children learn through exploration, which boosts their self-confidence.
  5. Sunlight is important for the production of vitamin D, which is crucial for building strong bones.
  6. Fresh air promotes a sense of well-being and helps with better sleep.
  7. Outdoor play requires negotiation, such as taking turns on the swing or including other children in the game, fostering valuable social skills that can be useful throughout life.

Getting Dirty

These reasons are what drive us every day with our playgrounders at Playground Haarlem. We aim for more outdoor play, more fun, more collaboration… we believe every child should have that opportunity!

Over Playground Haarlem
Over Playground Haarlem

Gift Card

Would you like to gift a child a day of play at Pop-Up Playground? You can do so with our convenient gift card, which we will send to the lucky recipient in a festive packaging.

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“There’s nothing more delightful than seeing children playing outside. Playground Haarlem provides a safe and natural environment where I, as a supervisor, can keep a close eye on the children while they have a blast.”

Maurits Mol, Supervisor

“We regularly visit the Pop-Up Playground with a group of children. It’s a welcome break from the schoolyard or indoor games. Children thoroughly enjoy it!”

Fleur Zuidweg, Supervisor

“I love going to the after-school care because sometimes we all go to Playground Haarlem. We get to climb, run, and play. Sometimes we do a treasure hunt, and I’m pretty good at it!”

Lisanne Meijer, BSO Child

“The best thing about the After School Care (BSO) is going on outings to the Playground Haarlem. I especially enjoy building huts or playing hide-and-seek with my friends. I hope we can go again soon!”

Sep den Buytelaar, BSO child