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Building and Making

Construction Kit

Build your own hut with a construction kit from Palènpa. With an ideal step-by-step plan, a little imagination, and spatial awareness, you can assemble your own wooden house. How cool!


Are you ready to build with LEGO? Together, we will create a magnificent museum in Haarlem-Oost using colorful bricks!

Creative Products

Unleash your creativity with the creative products from Haarlem-based companies Artie Farty and MooiZooi. Use the coolest recycled materials to create something entirely new.


Dress the mannequins in the most beautiful creations from the dress-up chest. Today, you are the head stylist and can decide for yourself what the best outfit is.

Play and Learn


Squeeze yourself into the little book house and grab a captivating book from our collection. There's nothing quite as beautiful as completely immersing yourself in a good story.

Escape Room

Do you crack the codes and find the key to the exit? An escape room is fun, exciting, challenging, and adventurous for young and old alike. It is an essential part of Pop-Up Playground! (+ €2.00 per person for usage + €15.00 for a guide)


Join in the action of laser tag together! Take down your opponents and collect points along the way. With our awesome laser guns, you can have a lot of fun at our laser tag park. (+ €2,50 per person for usage)

Mini Golf

Come and play a round of mini golf on our course! With our 18 challenging holes, you can try to hit the ball into the hole. Challenge yourself and do it alone or in teams.

Silent disco

Want to go wild and dance to your own favorite music? Come and groove in the silent disco! How cool is that! Make sure to bring a phone (either yourself or the adults), pick a great song, and dance your heart out! You can dance together with friends, and everyone gets to have their own song.

Oral Presentation

In our greenhouse, all the information you need to rock your presentation is ready and waiting for you. In collaboration with Van der Pigge drugstore and 3D Makerszone, you can learn all about products from nature or creations from a 3D printer.


Enjoy a game of curb ball (in collaboration with Jantje Beton), bounce through the hopscotch course on a bouncy ball, swing, hop, hula hoop, and play a game of boules until you drop!


Left hand on... green! Does he have a mustache? A game of Twister or Guess Who? is always a great idea, especially when it's an XXL version. It's going to be a lot of fun with your dad, teacher, or older brother!

Observing and Discovering

Play a game of memory featuring famous artists, admire the paintings at Pop-Up Playground, and check out the map of Haarlem museums. Which ones do you already know, and which ones would you like to visit? In collaboration with the Frans Hals Museum, Teylers Museum, Verwey Museum Haarlem, and ABC Architecture Center.

After going down the slide ten times and getting your hands dirty in the mud kitchen, you can relax with our wooden puzzle.

“My son turned 4 years old, and we celebrated it at Playground Haarlem. With good supervision, the six boys could learn and have fun while playing. At the end of the day, my son said, ‘This was the best birthday ever!’

Sarah Ouwerkerk, parent

“Together with my little sister, we spent an afternoon at Playground Haarlem. We could play, climb, and have fun. It was super fun, and I want to go back soon!”

Quinty Zijlmans, child

“My daughter needs to have some fun and let loose sometimes. We live in an apartment and don’t have a garden, so we often go to Playground Haarlem. I see her enjoying the nature and the freedom there!”

Julian van Schevinghuizen, parent

“Sometimes I discover a new creepy-crawly at Playground Haarlem. I then draw it in my insect book when I get home. I’ve already collected 10 of them!”

Liv Corstiaens, child

“There’s nothing better than playing outside with your child. Playground Haarlem offers a lot of possibilities; from building huts to scavenger hunts and simply climbing. I enjoy it just as much as my 8-year-old son!”

Anne van Loon, parent